‘Travel Smarter, Live Better!’

This year’s programs of the weekdays try to make EMW well-known among citizens and harmonise with the slogan: ‘Travel Smarter, Live Better!’


The opening day (16th September) is The Day of Public Transport. The programme focus on clever commuting. In the early morning we hold a competition: a group of VIPs depart from Rakoskert, a far suburb of the capital, travelling on train, bus, suburban railway and private car to the city centre to demonstrate the advantages of public transport compare to private cars. Arriving to the destination a press briefing will be held to communicate the advantages of PT.


17th September is The Day of Pedestrian Streets when we focus on the expanding pedestrian areas. The event will be held at Baross square, the newest link of the chain of the pedestrian streets in the Heart of Budapest.


The whole weekend of the Mobility Week is car-free on the Andrassy street, a main road of Budapest.

The Day Of Living Streets – ‘Travel Smarter, Live Better’(18th September) On this day Andrassy street, a part of the World Heritage Sites, will be closed again. As in previous years more than 110 thousand visitors participated this year too on the programmes, partially in green grass on the pavement.

An ’Open Air /Clean Air Theatre Festival’ open the theatre-season of the city on the street with the performances of 20 ‘steady’ and more than 20 ‘alternative’ theatres.

You can visit the GreenTEX (environment-friendly technologies, goods, products and services) and colourful programs of the public transport companies (railway, urban transport). You can find Toyota’s pavilion here where you can meet with Prius, Prius Plug-in and Auris HSD.

Bicycle races and special bicycle presentations will be taken place. NGOs, bicycle service businesses and bicycle dealers set up stands in the Bike Centre on the street. There will be venues for soccer, streetball, street volleyball and many other sports.


On the second Car-Free Day -‘In town without my car!’  (19th September) the Andrássy street will be blocked from private cars too, but open for hybrid and gas operated cars, pedestrians, cyclists. Some of the attractions from the first car-free day will stay on the street, Toyota also.


On Monday (20st September) we organise a conference and workshop called ‘Alternatives of the city traffic an transport’. The event will be held in the Main Hall of Budapest.

Themes: public transport, alternative car use (clear vehicle: Hybrid and Plug-in Prius), cycling city, pedestrians in the city system.

Toyotapresentation: lecture on the Plug-in Prius, test driving for the media and the participants of the conference.


21th September isThe Day of Responsible and Alternative Car Usage. There will be an open air exhibition of alternative cars with hybrid, gas, velo, electro cars and a demonstrative march of these vehicles on the most crowded main road of the city. The public could try the hybrid and gas operated cars for free.

We present Toyota’s unique Plug-in Prius here and the new Auris HSD can be seen also.

There will be an opportunity for Toyota to tell some words (in 5-10 minutes) for the media about their new innovates and hybrid cars.


On The European Car-Free Day -‘’Travel Smarter, Live Better’  (22nd  September) we close the a section of Nagykörút, the Grand Boulevard of Budapest. The biggest bicycle demonstration of the World called Critical Mass pedal around the downtown at the end of the day. This section where the cyclists could gather and started from.


Contact: Laszlo Kovacs project manager, e-mail: konkam@t-online.hu, phone: (+36 1) 256 4913, mobile (+36) 70 21 5383

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